If you are requiring accommodation at this unprecedented time globally – we think it is important that you know what we, as a business are doing now, in response to the COVID-19 crisis we have faced and will continue to deal with until it is better controlled internationally. We are so pleased to be at Alert Level 1 here in New Zealand and can return to a personalised service approach without the need to socially distance. Thank goodness! 

We understand if you are still feeling a little uncertain or anxious now that the restrictions have been lifted. But know that we,  Adrienne and Chris Roy, are committed to providing our you, our guests, with superior accommodation, that is comfortable, restful and safe. We are fastidious in our pledge to provide the a room and motel facility that has procedures in place for your health and well-being. We have strict cleaning protocol and procedures.  We care.

This is what we do and would like our guests to help us with, where possible:

  1. Rigorous hand washing, cough and sneeze practices (We have hand sanitiser in each room also)
  2. Disinfect and thorough clean of units when it is vacated by a guest with all surfaces disinfected and sanitised.
  3. All public areas high touch areas are disinfected regularly.
  4. We offer the opportunity for guests and visitors to scan our QR code at our reception doors for personal tracing purposes - should it be required.