Our Guests - Robyn and Michael Gordon

I don’t want to go homeRobyn Gordon

Thank you and your people for taking great care in looking after us”  Michael Gordon 

In January 2021 we had the pleasure of looking after the Gordons – Robyn and Michael. They came to Dunedin to spend a few days visiting their granddaughter Pia who was studying at the University of Otago.  In fact, it was Pia who came in one day in early December, to see if we had something that would suit her Granny and Grandad.  The couple were travelling all the way from Napier and Pia was very keen to ensure her grandparents were comfortable and well cared for. Aurora on George was the perfect location, so close to the university, to her and to town. 

Together, Pia and I discussed Michael and Robyn's special requirements and decided on the Garden Access Studio, which gave them a little more space and the option of single beds, if they wanted them. The bathroom was ideal with a large wet shower area (and a seat if needed) as well as hand rails. 

Access Studio set up with twin beds — Image by: Adrienne and Chris Roy
The perfect bathroom — Image by: Adrienne and Chris Roy

They were close to reception (which was important for Michael, you will find out why shortly) and they could sit in the sun in the courtyard right outside their unit and relax.  

Courtyard Comfort — Image by: Adrienne and Chris Roy

Now Michael, he loved to chat! Indeed, Michael’s frequent chats at reception were a highlight of our days. He loved to chat, chat, chat, chat - whether it was to Rosann (who was on duty for part of the time they were staying) or to Chris or to me. We looked forward to his cheeky smile as he slowly approached, a little stooped in his stance and a bit of a shuffle with his cane. But as soon as he reached the desk, he would stand bolt upright, the cane no longer needed (was the cane part of his act?) announce his arrival and proceed to delight us with his friendly banter and stories .  

Both Robyn and Michael quickly became part of the Aurora family. 

The day Michael and Robyn departed was a sad one for us all. Robyn came into reception repeatedly stating that she didn’t want to go home, "the unit they we are in is more than just a room, it is so comfortable! I don't want to go home!"

Michael followed along behind Robyn, with his cane in his hand - and his swagger. It was a heartfelt thank you to our team that came next from him, for making him and his dear wife feel so cared for. 

I, for one, felt very emotional and extremely grateful.  

You see, we have been through some pretty tough times this past year with COVID-19. Families have not travelled as much and certainly the more elderly members of our community even less so. This impacts on families and on the number of people we welcome into our motel "home"  and this has had an impact on our business. It is moments like this and people like the Gordons, that remind us why we do what we do, how lucky we are. We are grateful.

"It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer