There are no fees for COVID-19 related cancellations. ALSO ask about our small dog "Tax Break Garden Executive Studio" offer. 

Health & Safety

Keeping our People Safe               covid 19 update image

How are we working to keep you safer from COVID-19 at Aurora on George?

At Aurora on George, we want to give every guest, visitor and staff member peace of mind, by letting them know that their health and well-being is our number one priority. We continue to modify our response to the pandemic as it progresses and will update information as we can.

As of 5 April 2022, we re-evaluated our health and safety policy regarding the Vaccine Pass and decided that we would not require anyone; including staff and guests to provide a vaccine pass for entry.  

We have made this decision after completing a risk assessment in consultation with staff and other stakeholders. We identified the risks and benefits of this decision. We will continue to finetune our procedures to protect guests in every part of their stay and we encourage anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19; staff, visitors and guests to stay at home.

Our housekeepers are socially distanced during their shift and wear PPE. Our cleaning regimes use products designed to clean and disinfect in accordance with Ministry of Health Guidelines; plus we follow a systemized approach that ensures that both staff members, visitors and guests are protected.

Do let us know if you would prefer a more contactless approach to your stay. We can arrange for check in and check out to be contactless and payment made electronically. 


  • Maintain physical distancing 
  • Wear face masks when in indoor public areas (reception) or where physical distancing is not possible

Remember, there is never a cancellation fee when there is a COVID-19 related reason for cancelling or shortening your stay.

Even though these protocols still make us seem a little “distant”, please know that we really do care about our people! We hope to see you at Aurora on George soon.